It hasn't been your typical month at Infini-D. It's that time again – we've got some amazing new updates to share with you!
From new designs to awesome features that will take your experience to the next level, we've been hard at work making your time with us even more amazing. Let's dive in and discover all the cool new stuff we've made for you!
Mission lobby leaderboard
Student screen leaderboard
While waiting for the mission to start, students can view the leaderboard for the current mission in the lobby. This allows them to see where their class stands among others and adds extra motivation for taking the top spot.
Plus, the 'Preparing for launch' screen just got a major style upgrade! 
All new mission guides
New mission guide
The new cover page outlines
best practices
suggested progression
of instruction to ensure optimal educational outcomes. All supplemental resources are packed into a single section to support your teaching goals.
We've also included
extra resources
to encourage intervention/extension strategies that enhance student learning outcomes.
New scanning button
Scanning gif
We've revamped the scanning button with a sleek and modern design. It's not only visually appealing but also more intuitive for students to use. With this update, students can scan objects quicker and easier, leaving more time for problem-solving.
Don't forget, the more students that scan the same object, the faster it goes!
April's new missions
We have released three new missions for you and your students to explore this month. Students will need to collaborate and overcome any obstacles together, as there are new adventures awaiting them.
  1. Operation Starfall (4-6 science): using knowledge of shadows, stars, and patterns, students will decipher clues to find the Crooked Snakes before they get away with a heist.
  1. Tsunami Lite (3-5 science): the mission is now available with Jr. controls.
  1. Infini-D League missions (K-3 & 4-9): this year's competition will push student skills to the limit, and they must work together to win the ultimate prize. The competition ends on May 19, 2023.
Fixing one bug at a time
  • General UI cleanup for teachers and students.
  • Fix bug where the end of the mission sequence would display the incorrect number of points.
  • Fix bug where the analytics pdf would not download if a student hadn't answered a question.
  • Fix bug where the individual student analytics page would not show 4+ analytics even if the student had run 4+ missions in the past.
  • Analytics: admins can now drill down to individual missions.
  • Ability to see all student question attempts in analytics.
We’re excited to announce a brand-new makeover for the Infini-D Learning analytics page! We have shifted the focus to proficiency benchmarks and features that provide an even better tool to increase
student achievement
, deepen
whole-class engagement
, and foster
21st-century skills
in your classroom, school, and/or district.
Proficiency benchmarks 📈
The new proficiency benchmarking table will give you an even more comprehensive understanding of your student's progress. You'll be able to see how your students are progressing and identify areas where they may need more help.
New analytics-Proficiency
Understanding numbers, nurturing potentials 👩‍🏫
Get ready to unlock the secrets of your student's progress with our new interactive data visualization! Say goodbye to boring spreadsheets and hello to colorful and engaging visuals that will help you spot trends and identify areas for growth.
With the new tool, you'll have all the information you need to help your students reach their full potential. So let's dive in and discover the power of data-driven teaching!
New analytics-Class
We have designed these tools with YOU in mind in order to give teachers and administrators more actionable data that will allow educators to more seamlessly integrate Infini-D into their instructional rhythms.
We've got some seriously awesome updates to share with you! Our team has been working hard to bring you some amazing new features and missions that are going to level up your game. Get ready to take the classroom learning experience to the next level!
Add students after mission has started
Forgot to add a new student to your class roster? We've got your back! Students can still jump in on the mission at any time. The best part, you'll be able to see their names in the waiting room, so you can decide whether they are up for the challenge or not.
  • Student screen
    : On the mission login page, students can click on the
    New Student
    button and enter their names.
  • Teacher screen:
    You'll now be able to see all of your eager students who are ready to join the mission on both your mission and teacher station screens.
Add student
Three new missions
We've been hard at work to bring you not just one, not two, but
brand new missions that will leave you in awe. From dodging asteroid fields to diving into uncharted waters, these missions are packed with surprises and challenges that will test your students' knowledge and skills.
  1. Beach Frenzy (grades K-2): Your students will come up with engineering solutions to protect RALF.
  2. Spined-Backed Globster (grades 6-9): The students will engineering process to restore biodiversity.
  3. Jr. Station Training (grades K-3): Students will learn how to use the controls.
New missions
Pro tips: Remind, Encourage, Facilitate
You, as a teacher, play a critical role in making each mission a success! As your students venture into the great unknown, it's up to you to be their trusty guide:
  1. Remind
    them what they should be focusing on.
  2. Encourage
    a healthy investigation and ask open-ended questions.
  3. Facilitate
    discussion to keep those creative juices flowing.
  4. Launch the
    teacher station
    on an extra device to monitor student progress.
Fixing one bug at a time
  • View question image in multiple choice question review.
  • Fix bug where the walkthrough could highlight the wrong area on the page.
  • Fix bug where analytics would not show up if the user did not own any classes.
  • Fix a bug where analytics data could be incorrect in some instances.
We know how much you all love using Infini-D for student engagement and wished for a mission that could magically cover any subject. Wait no more:
Quiz Missions
are here!🎉
Canny-Quiz Mission
These missions have no standards tied to them and no investigation maps. The only curriculum is the quiz questions YOU will use. Your crew will need to rescue a civilian ship without being stopped by the GAL-Delilahs.
This mission is designed with upper-grade controls (with upgradable stations), so your student's ability to answer their quiz questions correctly is directly tied to how well they will do on the mission.
Quiz Missions-levels
The quiz mission has three difficulty levels –
, and
. As the levels progress, it becomes increasingly harder to beat a station. (If your students manage to complete the hard version without any explosions, we will be utterly amazed! 😱)
Ready to get started? Hop on over to Infini-D and create your first quiz mission today!
Happy New Year! 🎉🎉 We're excited to release our newest (and first) 2023 updates, designed to make your Infini-D experience even better!
Favorite question groups
You now have the ability to mark question groups created by others as your favorite, and easier incorporate them when creating a mission.
All your favorite questions will show up under My Favorites.
Favorite question groups
Featured Missions section in the mission library
The new featured section is designed to provide you with an easy way to discover and access the latest and greatest missions created by our team. With frequent updates and a wide variety of content, you can be sure to find something new and exciting every time you visit.
Featured missions
Other Exciting Updates
  • Brand new dashboard walkthrough!
  • Showing class name on end of the mission leaderboard.
Fixing one bug at a time
  • Fix bug where restarting a mission after save for later could cause the mission to get stuck
  • Fix bug where laser beam would collide with other part of the screenon half of the screen.
  • Fix various bugs with upgrade questions that were caused by the student device getting out of sync with the server.
We're back to share a couple of major updates that will make your experience with Infini-D better than ever!
Select specific missions to show
You can select which missions to show on the analytics page. By showing specific missions, you will gain a better understanding of the student's performance throughout the year.
Analytics-Mission filter
Sort student names by first or last name
When you review the mission analytics, you have more ways to sort students' names. Simply select the mission, scroll down, and click on the glasses(👓) icon to select the sorting method.
Teacher station became more powerful
We've added useful features to the teacher station, so you can focus on the students and learning material.
  • Real-time student screen monitoring allows you to correct off-task behavior. A
    yellow warning sign
    ⚠️ will appear next to the student's name if they are not on the Infini-D mission tab.
  • Is the mission too quiet? Do you just want to turn up the amazing soundtrack? The
    volume slider
    makes it easy to turn the volume up and down, and quickly adjust the settings as you please.
  • If you ever need help on how to set up your screens, then worry no more. Now you easily access the
    guide anytime from the teacher station.
New Missions
Just last month, we released a total of
17 new missions
. The missions had questions testing the student's knowledge of specific subjects, space pelicans, and space robots (lots of them).
On top of all that, our special Halloween mission was run more than 300 times and 5,500 students unmasked the phony phantom.
Other Exciting Updates
  • Updated culminating moments sound effects.
  • Only display main subject categories in the categories filter.
  • Screen extension guide button was added to the teacher station.
  • Onboarding links now redirect to corresponding training pages.
Fixing one bug at a time
  • Fix issue where Google login would not work if the user didn't give Google Classroom permissions.
  • Classes will begin auto-syncing if the user imports classes via Google Classroom.
  • Speed up culminating moment resolution.
  • Students in the expanded student lists now move to different columns.
  • Fix bug where the wake lock would not always be set up properly.
We all know that feeling when you have a classroom full of excited students ready to go on a mission, but your projector doesn't want to cooperate. Worry no more, we got your covered with our dual-screen setup guide!
Simply click the 
Launch Teacher Station
button right before you start the mission and follow the step-by-step guide. Our program automatically detects if you are using a Windows or MacBook, and displays the correct setup guide. 
Windows users
Step 1:
Right-click on the desktop and select Display Settings
Step 2:
Scroll down to Multiple Displays and select Extend these Displays
Step 3:
Drag the main mission screen to the classroom's projector/TV and keep the teacher station on your computer screen
MacBook users:
Step 1:
Click the Apple menu icon
Step 2:
Click System Preferences then click Displays
Step 3:
Select Arrangement and make sure Mirror Displays is unchecked
Exciting news! We have just released
four new missions
this week. Each mission is centered on specific core standards and facilitates the practice of essential skills and behaviors.
  • Natural Disaster
    (2nd & 3rd-grade biology): The crew will help the Sarucians determine what caused destruction on the planet.
  • All Mixed Up
    (5th-grade biology): The crew will use their knowledge of food webs to restore balance to the natural environments on a planet.
  • Finding Balance
    (8th-grade math): Students must apply their knowledge of organisms and environments to move each organism into its habitat.
  • A Beacon in the Dark
    (2nd-grade earth science): The crew must use their knowledge of the Pythagorean Theorem to track the saboteur and prevent catastrophe.
🚀 Ready to launch a mission?
  1. Head to the
    Mission Library
  2. Click
    Create Mission
    your class
  3. Save
    mission >
    Start Mission
Fair warning:
students who come unprepared or fail to work together are much more likely to meet a catastrophic end.
We are excited to announce the launch of the new
Infini-D 2.0.
Welcome to the new age where formative assessment meets hands-on application. We just launched the biggest upgrade to the program since we took the voice changer and microphone away. Each mission will now become a foundation where students apply their knowledge through real-world examples.
is to get more out of Infini-D by being able to say, “
We just learned this. Now let’s run a mission to see if we got it!
✨ Feature changes
  • Teacher station
    : Teachers now have their own station to join the class on a mission.
  • New quiz question types
    : Multiple choice, free response, image labeling, close association, and multiple response questions.
  • End-of-mission data view
    : After the mission, the mission will show how the class performed on each question.
  • Change of in-game question mechanics
    : Questions will be more authentically integrated into the mission.
  • Complete reskin of all controls
    : Each team will have different frame styles allowing them to be part of a more immersive experience, understand their role, and feel invited to participate.
  • Improved analytics
    : Analytics engine will continue to be improved to ensure quality data is provided at the end of every mission for the content and skill metrics.
  • Contain repairs (4th+ grade)
    : Repairs now be contained to planned moments during the mission to cause less distraction.
🚀 Mission changes
  • Higher stakes missions
    : Students that are unprepared or fail to work together are much more likely to meet a catastrophic end. 
  • Improved discussions
    : Changes will be made to improve opportunities for discussion during the critical decision and problem-solving moment.
  • Enhances investigations
    : Maps will be more dynamic to allow students to more freely explore and gather information to pertinent the problem they are facing.
  • More missions
    : Additional missions across more subject areas will continue to be added to the library.
  • Increased scaffolding
    : Missions will get progressively more difficult as the mission progress.
All the features and mission changes guarantee to knock your socks off! 🧦
Sometimes the smallest changes make the biggest impact. It has been another busy month for the product team, below is a quick walk-through of the most interesting updates to Infini-D Learning.
🎨 New Team Specific Station Designs
We rolled out new control station designs. Each team will have different frame styles allowing them to be part of a more immersive experience. Plus, the students can spend less time searching for their teammates during a mission.
Control Design Frame
🎯 Other Exciting Updates
  • Remote mission can now be found under the
    Advanced Settings
    during the mission prep.
  • Improved error messages when creating questions
  • After mission completion, the page will redirect users straight to analytics for the mission that was just run
🐛 Fixing one bug at a time
  • Improve Canvas integration by automatically importing the user's class and keeping it updated.
  • Fix bug where the screen timer could be off after pausing the mission
  • Fix issue where images on image labeling questions would be scaled down and become pixelated. Any previously uploaded images will not be fixed
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